A set of principles is essential for collaboration & communication. Based on these principles you know what you can expect.

Customer Obsession

We start with the customer in mind and work backward. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although we pay attention to competitors, we obsess over customers!

Solution oriented

We are solution-oriented. If we see a problem or an obstacle, we also see a chance to build a new solution and to improve the world. People who only complain but don't improve anything are not welcome here.

Saying NO is OK

We are customer-obsessed and solution-oriented. However, that does not mean that we say yes to everything. We can't please everyone.

People tend to overcommit and to please everyone. That mostly leads to disappointment on both sides. The most successful people in the world are successful because most of the time they say no.


We do ONE thing at a time. And we do it right. Because for humans multitasking does NOT work. People feel productive if they multitask, but they are not! Actually, their productivity even decreases then.

In many big companies, people try to do multiple things at a time. Like sitting in a meeting and responding to an email at the same time. Or being in a conference call and eating lunch at the same time. Or working on a solution for a hard problem and still being responsive on Slack all day long. That are all very bad and unproductive habits.

If you are in a meeting, your attention should be at the meeting. If the meeting is irrelevant for you and you think you can spend your time better, feel free to leave the meeting. But don't stick around and confuse the other attendees!

Don't do multitasking! You are not a computer. That just leads to many half-assed outcomes.

Always do ONE thing at a time. But do it right.

Deep Work

We practice deep work. Difficult problems are not solved in 15 minutes. Solving difficult problems requires deep concentration for hours. Open-plan offices, Emails, Push notifications and social media are all just disruptions and enemies of deep work.

Doing deep work means that you block yourself a time block of a couple of hours where you want to focus on a hard problem. At that time you are not reachable. In that time you turn of your Email client, messengers, and all kinds of push notifications. Not being responsive is ok. You just have to communicate it.